Oh my gourd fine art from the vine


     My name is John Pointek better known as “Duke”. I’ve worked in many art forms and I believe I’ve  found  the media that  gives me the most freedom of expression!.I was first introduced to gourds in 2005 ,by a friend in my home  state ,New Jersey. With the help of books and the internet ,my eyes were opened to the gourds possibilities!                                                                                           

         Large gourds are my preference since they give me the largest surface to work. I work on three to four gourds at a time . Reason being the one I working on may not be moving in the way I imagined,so I will move on to one of the others. I never rush a piece of art just to get done. Most of my fine intricate pieces take two months to a year an a half !! As you view the gallery ,you’ll see I use many art forms and techniques and materials on my three dimensional canvas.                                             

       Materials come from just looking at what the planet has to offer and the arts supple store. What you’ll see on my gourds are acrylic paint ,dyes

  ,inks,leather,feathers,antler,bones,drift wood,pine needles,palm seed stems, raffia, rope,shells,fossils,gem stones,beads and seeds.                   

       Along with materials comes art form and techniques; gouge and chip-carving,relief carving,sandblasting,cut out patterns,painting,airbrushing,

coiling,basketry,gold leaf,inlays,mosaics,scrimshaw,marbleizing, and


        Subject matter is what ever moves me at that time,hummingbirds,

parrots,hawks,owls,big cats,tigers,wolves,bison,horses,reptiles,dragonflies,

butterflies,flowers,nautical,pelicans,gulls,shells or just bright graphic designs.                                                          

          As the world opens my mind to design and beauty , my art will continue to grow off the vine !

Hello and Welcome !                     

I’ve been in the Arts and Crafts since the age of 7. My parents  indulged me in every art form. My art education I received was in high school.         

    My art achievements  include, Custom Painting Cars & Bikes ,Airbrushing T-shirts,Black/White Photo Realism on Canvas and    Graphic Design/Illustration.  

    Now I do every art form and craft,I ever learn in my life time and I put them on a vegetable !!!!                  

Hello and Welcome !